Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Figuarts Zero Akainu and Aokiji Battle Version Latest Updates!!!

Hey all, a quick update. we got picture of the latest upcoming Figuarts Zero Akainu and Aokiji Battle Version that we have previously written about. Yeah Baby!!! Without wasting any time, have a look at the picture below!!!

Ta da!!!Ain't the best picture we have but bear with it until the official picture is out.=D...
The picture is kinda blur, we just have to wait for the official picture to be release then. But from what I can see Akainu seems kinda bada** with his lava fruit ability and Aokiji with his ice fruit ability. All & all, I just can't wait for the official release picture. Stay tune guys and prepare your wallet, you're gonna surely want this in your collections as this is just the second time the admiral series is out. *for me, surely a must buy!!! November 2013 faster come, I just can't wait already!!!