Sunday, 25 August 2013

One Piece Figuarts Zero - Sanji Battle Version 2 Preview

Hey Mina....

Now we have the latest picture available in the internet for Figuarts Zero Sanji Battle Version 2 and I tell you by the rough first look at looks WICKED!!! if you don't believe me, have a look at it yourself.

yea...i know this is not the best pic available but looks WICKED!!!

Now do you believe me?haha...This figure will be release this December 2013. The name of this figure is Sanji Diable Jambe Flambage Shot - Battle Version. With such an amazing sculpture figure, I don't mind having a second Sanji Battle Figure. This is one of the New World figure as compared to the previous Sanji Battle Version. Will you add this to your collection? If it were of course needed figure!!! Stay tune and hope to see the Pre-order for this figure. People is estimating it will be around MYR120 - MYR140 for it. I hope it stay within that range. My pockets are draining out alot recently. Until next time. Thanks peeps!!!

Friday, 23 August 2013

One Piece P.O.P "CB" Series - Sabo

Hey guys, I must admit it has been a while since our last figure review, I'm chasing this new anime series "Attack on titans" you cannot survive by just following one Anime ... lol but One Piece is still number one to me. This time I'm gonna review my first P.O.P "CB" series figure - Sabo. 

Wednesday, 14 August 2013

One Piece Figuarts Zero - Jozu

The review that you all being waiting for and the figure which I am excited to present, Figuarts Zero Jozu!!! I was damn excited when i got my hand on this figure due to the figure have been issued for quite sometime in July 2011. It is quite the rare piece and I finally got it for my own collections! Boo-yah!!!

Without further or do, a short description of the character inside One Piece. Jozu a.k.a Diamond Jozu is the 3rd Division Commander of the Whitebeard Pirates. Jozu has the ability to transform parts
Jozu a.k.a Diamond Jozu...
and mostly likely all of his body into Diamond, yes Diamond the second hardest substance behind Kairoseki. Enough of it, let's start review.just too excited about it. Hahaha...

First of all, as I said earlier this is quite a rare figure as there was no longer re-issue of it. I got this piece from an avid One Piece fan's collector selling off his collections and the condition of the box and the figure are still in excellent condition. Have a look at the outer box of it...

I always love how Bandai always capture the figure expression in their box display and showing it with the other upcoming or release figure with it. It can just get me excited or indirectly tell me how much my pocket going to bleed for upcoming or release figure. >.<...

As seen, the figure is massive and stout which carry the character well as Jozu is like the Arnold Swadneger type. Muscular, massive, bad ass looking.

Saturday, 10 August 2013

One Piece Figuarts Zero - Tashigi & Smoker (Punk Hazard Version)

Figuarts Zero Punk Hazard Marines have been released!! For Smoker-san it is not much of a surprise, he is basically the same as the old one but with a vice admiral cape and a scar on his face that's it. The pose is a bit awkward with him holding his Jutte weapon up side down. If you removes his cape he looks exactly like the first version Figuarts Zero Smoker .. meh  ..

On the other hand, the more anticipated one which is Tashighi-chan with her new outlook pink shirt and a cape behind .. she looks awesome especially the one where she has the personality of Smoker thanks to Trafalgar Law.

There is one alternate head and two alternate swords, but I strongly disagree with the head with spectacles as Tashigi-chan will never unbutton her shirt .. Anyway I much prefer the one without the specs ... bad ass Tashigi with the coarse voice. I would get Tashigi .. whereas Smoker not so much ...

Thursday, 8 August 2013


Hey peeps!!!

I got great news that I just can't wait to share with you guys. As the title above, we got picture preview of the Soul of Chogokin GX-63 General Franky!!! Yes, actual picture of it and it is freaking awesome. I'm too excited now to write anything about it. Just see the picture below for yourself!!!

Sunday, 4 August 2013

One Piece Figuarts Zero - Boa Hancock

Seriously, who do not love Boa Hancock? You can stop reading right now! Or slap yourself in the face ten thousand times. Boa Hancock is the first female figure in the One Piece Figuarts Zero line. The Amazon Lily princess is one of the most beautiful animated women I've ever seen, perfect face, perfect body and loves Luffy. I really hope she ends up with Luffy, I reall do.This Figuarts Zero Boa Hancock is a must have!

I like the box design of the older Figuarts Zero with the gold lining window and a keyhole on top .. feels like you need to pick that lock to get to the good stuff inside ... its just me. The background of the box suits Boa with the pinkish/girlish colour. She has only one accessory an extra head ... the head looks creepy with just the head alone. Okay the moment you all have been waiting for .. all words and no pictures just sucks right?

One Piece Figuarts Zero - December 2013 Relase

*lights cigarette*" I heard the sound of ... a woman's tears falling"

Yes ... the man who will protect all women Sanji Battle version #2 will most likely be One Piece Figuarts Zero's last figure for the year 2013. It is not that great though in my opinion .. I'm not jumping up and down when I heard the news. After the rather disappointing Admiral battle versions where you can see Akainu is in a position where he's trying to poop real hard and Aokiji is having his regular stretching every morning, Bandai decided to have a second Sanji battle version, after Zoro's and Luffy's battle version. 

Sanji is great!! don't get me wrong but having another is a little "extra" to me ... I guess this figure is to in a way "compensate" the first battle version where it is a rather passive pose battle version (standing there with legs on fire) There are a lot more battle versions like chopper or Franky that they could have done instead of Sanji or the other figures that we have seen in the figure expedition like the > 100,000,000 rookies etc, not sure what their plan is ...

Anyway this figure is scheduled to be released on December and will be priced at 3,675 yen. What do you think of this release? Are you getting one for yourself? I will post the pictures when they are released in the meantime, i'll just show you the previous Figuarts Zero - Sanji Battle Version #1.

A rather passive pose for a battle version. Who needs Mera-Mera no Mi?

Well the new battle version will be in the sailing again uniform? I guess?