Thursday, 8 August 2013


Hey peeps!!!

I got great news that I just can't wait to share with you guys. As the title above, we got picture preview of the Soul of Chogokin GX-63 General Franky!!! Yes, actual picture of it and it is freaking awesome. I'm too excited now to write anything about it. Just see the picture below for yourself!!!
YES YES YES!!!Coming from a hardcore Franky fan, this is way too awesome! Look at the parts provided as per below. No wonder the price of this baby fetch up to MYR800 from the Pre-Order price. It has alot of accessories and parts to it.

The Kurosai FR-U IV Black Rhino parts
The whole parts available to transform into General Franky.

There is so much detail into this figure and first time produced by this manufacturer, I think they did an excellent job is creating the General Franky as from the manga. Look at the next pictures, its head got 3 expression all of it!!!
Serious mode General Franky
Teeth Grinding mode

Superrrr mode 

 How is that!!! I'm lost for word now. I just can't get enough of it. The detail of the drill on the head, the super painting works on it and the metallic diecast head. Everything is just spot on!!! @.@....One word to describe it, "Handsome"!!!

And there is so much articulation in the joints of the General Franky's hand, you can imagine all the post you can play around with it. It's just limitless I tell you. See it for yourself below and be amazed!!!
Prepare for Battle post
Franky Radical Beam!!!
It's just keep going on and on with awesomeness. Next coming up is General Franky with one of its accessories, Franken Pillaring Swords. As I said, it's just limitless we can do with this figure. Look again as the pictures below. Hehehehehehehehehe...


You can see that the earlier picture, the General Franky transform from the Kurosai FR-U IV Black Rhino combine with the Brachio Tank V. Hence, we are moving on to review further detail of it. Let me present to you Brachio Tank V!!!
Brachio Tank V with Captain Chopper on it
Side View
Freaking mad look of it!haha...
The detail on the tank's wheel.@.@...
The Brachio Tank V forms the body and torso of the General Franky and what amaze me is how it transform!!!Behold the transformation to General Franky's head!!!

The Brachio Tank V is actually inside the tank's body. No freaking way!!! I thought we will have extra head to change when we are assemblying the General Franky. But wait......the manufacturer made it to swap head transforming into the General Franky. That is surely a plus point for me.

Steps of how it transform.
However, nothing is perfect. Seeing all those picture above, I can't find any flaw in it but one. Look at the picture below and you will know what I mean. 
Captain Chopper
Side view
Back view
I can say, it is the worst figure of Chopper I have ever see from all the figure that I know. It's like a distorted size Chopper. I mean you can know it is Chopper but an ugly illustration of Chopper. I'm kinda disappointed with it after seeing the rest of it. They should able to do a better job than this figure of Chopper.

We should let this get us down but to focus on other positive side. Next is.....................Kurosai FR-U IV Black Rhino. This is one badass bike.It's like one of those Harley Davidson bike that we all dream of having but with much more muscle than you can think of. Please enjoy the pics below.

The arm joints for the wheel
The Black Rhino skeleton
Tada!!!! Kurosai FR-U IV Black Rhino
Franky looking cool on the bike
I'm just loving every moment of reviewing the picture. All the parts are just so awesome. I'm not counting how many time I have said "awesome", it is just worth me saying it so many freaking times. Look at the below for the 360 degree view of Franky.
Left side view
Right side view
Back view
Comparing the Franky figure to the earlier Chopper figure, this Franky, hands down is better. It's just same as the manga have been drawn when Franky first show up with Kurosai FR-U IV Black Rhino. Judge it for yourself with the snapshot of the manga below.

All I can say is detail after detail, it is just great. For the manufacturer maiden figure release of the One Piece figure and tackling the great task of producing the General Franky, they did a great job on it. *thousand applause to them. Apart from the distorted Chopper figure which I can overlook on it, I would say this figure is a MUST BUY for every Franky fans out there. For everything there is, I must say it worth every single penny spend on it. When first I saw Pre-order picture of it, I just say this is surely a figure that I want to own and after today preview pictures, I have no REGRET buying this figure. WOOOOOOTS!!! Just can't wait for its release soon. 

I have earlier Pre-Order it from a website as per link : . The PO is already close and no more.*no doubt why there is no more units for it because it is just hard to pass by on.

Hope there is more units available when it is release. Thanks for spending time reading my review. Please do check out our Facebook page and like it. There is more picture available there and more picture updates available from time to time. Just a click away from the top left on this page (go ahead and click it now please) Mina...Enjoy and have a great weekend!!!

Signing out. Bye!!!