Saturday, 10 August 2013

One Piece Figuarts Zero - Tashigi & Smoker (Punk Hazard Version)

Figuarts Zero Punk Hazard Marines have been released!! For Smoker-san it is not much of a surprise, he is basically the same as the old one but with a vice admiral cape and a scar on his face that's it. The pose is a bit awkward with him holding his Jutte weapon up side down. If you removes his cape he looks exactly like the first version Figuarts Zero Smoker .. meh  ..

On the other hand, the more anticipated one which is Tashighi-chan with her new outlook pink shirt and a cape behind .. she looks awesome especially the one where she has the personality of Smoker thanks to Trafalgar Law.

There is one alternate head and two alternate swords, but I strongly disagree with the head with spectacles as Tashigi-chan will never unbutton her shirt .. Anyway I much prefer the one without the specs ... bad ass Tashigi with the coarse voice. I would get Tashigi .. whereas Smoker not so much ...