Wednesday, 14 August 2013

One Piece Figuarts Zero - Jozu

The review that you all being waiting for and the figure which I am excited to present, Figuarts Zero Jozu!!! I was damn excited when i got my hand on this figure due to the figure have been issued for quite sometime in July 2011. It is quite the rare piece and I finally got it for my own collections! Boo-yah!!!

Without further or do, a short description of the character inside One Piece. Jozu a.k.a Diamond Jozu is the 3rd Division Commander of the Whitebeard Pirates. Jozu has the ability to transform parts
Jozu a.k.a Diamond Jozu...
and mostly likely all of his body into Diamond, yes Diamond the second hardest substance behind Kairoseki. Enough of it, let's start review.just too excited about it. Hahaha...

First of all, as I said earlier this is quite a rare figure as there was no longer re-issue of it. I got this piece from an avid One Piece fan's collector selling off his collections and the condition of the box and the figure are still in excellent condition. Have a look at the outer box of it...

I always love how Bandai always capture the figure expression in their box display and showing it with the other upcoming or release figure with it. It can just get me excited or indirectly tell me how much my pocket going to bleed for upcoming or release figure. >.<...

As seen, the figure is massive and stout which carry the character well as Jozu is like the Arnold Swadneger type. Muscular, massive, bad ass looking.

The side view of box, Whitebeard Pirates (super rare)

Out of the box: As usual, Figuarts Zero and their huge-arse base

The diamond hand is pretty, I think girls would love this as they love diamonds LOL. As for the pose nothing much to complain about as I do not know what better pose Bandai could have made. Here are some pictures where Jozu fights Aokiji during the Marine Ford Arc. Hope you like them!

I just love this!!
When Aokiji & Jozu face off!!!...Caption it guys!!!
All in all this piece is a treasure, if you can find him at a relatively low price say 50 bucks .. just grab it as you will not have another chance of getting him at that price. My next goal is to get Figuarts Zero - Marco which will be a pain in the ass as he's even harder to find and the price ... you know ...

Our rating:

Rating: B
Facial: 9/10
Paint Job: 10/10
Pose: 8/10