Friday, 23 August 2013

One Piece P.O.P "CB" Series - Sabo

Hey guys, I must admit it has been a while since our last figure review, I'm chasing this new anime series "Attack on titans" you cannot survive by just following one Anime ... lol but One Piece is still number one to me. This time I'm gonna review my first P.O.P "CB" series figure - Sabo. 

Let's take a look at the box, pretty well designed, small and simple. Why get this figure as your first P.O.P? My reason for getting this first is because I wanted to see the quality of a P.O.P figure and not splashing a lot of money and I was amazed by the high detailed and nicely sculpted figure.

Look at the amount of accessories this guy came with ... speechless. I bought this for the same price as my Figuarts Zero Boa Hancock and boy oh boy he's more worth the money in my opinion. Some other accessories are meant for P.O.P Luffy and Ace "CB" Series, in a way Megahouse is "Forcing" us to get the Ace, Sabo & Luffy set to make them look good and yes I will get the two brothers, no doubt!

The paint, clothing and hat is anime accurate, I have nothing much to complain about this figure. The amount of accessories, details, colouring and relatively low price ... Perfection.

He can be displayed with or without the hat with an alternate face, here's the pose where Ace, Luffy and Sabo had their "Brotherhood" drink "if their share alcohol cups they will be brothers, no matter what ends up happening."

My first P.O.P figure and I'm getting more and more excited to my next figure ... can't wait. That's all for me. I'm not biased or anything but this is a good buy and for those who wanted to collect P.O.P "CB" series, it may be pain in the ass as their prices are rising rapidly but not Sabo not sure why ... Anyway my ratings as follows:

Rating: A
Facial: 10/10
Paint Job: 10/10
Pose: 9/10