Tuesday, 30 July 2013

One Piece P.O.P Limited Edition - Kalifa

It is our pleasure to bring you news of One Piece figures and for the first time we are writing something on a P.O.P (Portrait of Pirates) figure by Megahouse. They are like the elder brother of Figuarts Zero line, they are bigger in size scale (1/8) and way way detailed compared to Figuarts Zero and not to mention more expensive. This time we're gonna look into the only female member of CP9, the sexy Kalifa.

Thursday, 25 July 2013

One Piece Figuarts Zero - Ace Battle Version #2

Finally the pictures of Figuarts Zero - Ace Battle Version (Crossfire) is out. Just look at this wonderful piece of figure that will make all the Figuarts Zero collectors drool, my table is full of saliva right now, kidding. The facial expression is spot on !!

There are two things that I find disturbing:
1. Why is his pants green in colour?!? instead of black ...
2. When he is striking BlackBeard with this Cross Fire technique, there is no fire beneath him.

Not too sure why Bandai decided to make the fire pedestal and his pants green

Commander Ace firing "Jujika" at BlackBeard

Despite of all the negative points that I've mentioned, I as a collector will still get this figure definitely = )
Hopefully the green paints is just an image error *fingers crossed* Figuarts Zero - Ace Battle Version #2 expected arrival will be next year 2014 January. What are you waiting for? Pre-oder now !!!

For the lucky Malaysians out there who want to get their hands on this figure, you can pre-order this figure here: http://gwing-online.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=90_362&products_id=5398


Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Figuarts Zero Akainu and Aokiji Battle Version Latest Updates!!!

Hey all, a quick update. we got picture of the latest upcoming Figuarts Zero Akainu and Aokiji Battle Version that we have previously written about. Yeah Baby!!! Without wasting any time, have a look at the picture below!!!

Ta da!!!Ain't the best picture we have but bear with it until the official picture is out.=D...
The picture is kinda blur, we just have to wait for the official picture to be release then. But from what I can see Akainu seems kinda bada** with his lava fruit ability and Aokiji with his ice fruit ability. All & all, I just can't wait for the official release picture. Stay tune guys and prepare your wallet, you're gonna surely want this in your collections as this is just the second time the admiral series is out. *for me, surely a must buy!!! November 2013 faster come, I just can't wait already!!!

Saturday, 20 July 2013

One Piece Figuarts Zero - Marshall D Teach


Hello and welcome to another One Piece Figuarts Zero review. This time I'm going to review one of the former Shichibukai and one of the most powerful character in One Piece in my opinion. Yes, he is the captain of the Blackbeard pirates and one of the Yonko. He is a bad-ass !! he once killed his crew member just to obtain the "Yami Yami no Mi" that made him the most fearsome pirate in the Grandline ... Okay less talk on the character let's get going with the review !!! Awwww yeah ..

The box is huge !! Bandai makes the Figuarts Zero boxes big to fit the huge-arse standing base. Older figures tend to have massive base but Bandai has made the base smaller for the newer figures .. good job ...
As you can see my box is badly damaged due to bad handling during shipping sad case ...

Standard base, Marshall D Teach, Dead or Alive and it's huge :( now let's take a look at the figure ~
The figure looks awesome outside the box, and YES!! he stands perfectly without the base !! NOT !!!!
Yes he stands without the cape but with the cape this Fat-Ass Badass falls like a rock ... probably the cape weighs 10kgs .. who knows?!? Okay time to get serious .. Here's a 360 view of Marshall enjoy. I must say, this figure is a must buy if you are keen to collect the Shichibukais .. the level of detail on this figure is stunning and this is one of the first few Figuarts Zero

Something to commend, look at the awesome details below the pistols hanging on his waist is perfectly sculpted and painted and every single ring on his fingers are painted ... sooo sooo good ..

With all the good features mentioned above .. there is one not so good news to you all .. this figure is released in 2010 and he is super rare and hard to find in the market. You can either spend a fortune to get him or die trying .. so good luck guys !!

He looks great posing with both Ace and the Shichibukais. 

This figure is priced at 3,150 yen roughly (MYR100 +/-) that was the price when he was first introduced now with the scarce amount available in the market you can never get him at that price anymore. 

Overall: The level of detail on this Figuarts Zero - Marshall D Teach is superb, two thumbs up! The amount you paid for this is worth every penny. There might be some paint flaws in this figure, minor ones but it is forgiveable for the price.

Rating: B+
Facial: 9/10
Paint Job: 7/10
Pose: 8/10

Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Preview Upcoming Figure Review!!!

Hey all,

Yet again for our next figure review. This time is a preview of it. Here is it the sneak peak picture of the next figure...

Any luck just from looking at the picture??? Please stay tune to our blog!!!I just can't wait. MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA...

One Piece Figuarts Zero - November Release

Bandai does not allow our wallets to rest as they announced their November's releases. This time its a battle version trio!! Akainu Battle Version, Aokiji Battle Version and Ace's second battle version figure, Ace Battle Version (Cross Fire) Again, I cannot help myself on these figures ... Need .... to .... get ... them ... must  .... control .... ~.~

This is Aokiji and Akainu's second figure since early 2011 !! The prices for the non battle versions are flying sky high in the current market, I got lucky to snatch them earlier this year HEHE = D.. It is now a good chance for those who longed for the admiral figures, what are you waiting for? Pre-order them once they appear in your local hobby store!

A picture of Figuarts Zero Aokiji and Figuarts Zero Akainu 
(trying to make the scene where they two fight on punk hazard) 

Ace .. Ace ... Ace ... One Piece's all time favourite .. what more can I say? He's by far the most popular character in One Piece followed by Luffy. His first battle version got re-released three times ... THREE TIMES!! .. due to the high demand. I think Bandai has done a great job this time releasing him again but with another pose .. This is where he shoots a "Cross Fire" towards Blackbeard "Zehahahahaha" I'm gonna pre-order three of them..  how bout you? Bandai can survive thanks to my continuous donations = )

Details of the figures:
Ace Battle Version (Cross Fire)
Release date: November 2013
Price: 3,675 yen  (MYR 120 +/-)

Aokiji Battle Version
Release date: November 2013
Price: 4,725 yen (MYR 150 +/-)

Akainu Battle Version
Release date: November 2013
Price: 4,725 yen (MYR 150 +/-)

Side note: 120 + 150 + 150 = MYR 420 !! Crap .. I'm starving myself this November ...

Sunday, 14 July 2013

One Piece Figuarts Zero Enel & Perona Announced!

I know this is late news but Bandai has officially announced the release of God of Skypiea and before timeskip Perona. They are expected to hit the market by October. The Goro-Goro no Mi fruit user is one of the most powerful character in One Piece in my opinion and I can't wait to get one for myself. As for Horo-Horo no Mi ghost princess is her second figure in this Figuarts Zero line it is not that "exciting" but it's great to have her as a collection ...

Cute and sexy pose, nice
Great stance Kami sama
That facial expression when his 100,000,000 volts "Vari" did nothing to Luffy = )

Figuarts Zero - Enel
Price - 4,410 yen

Figuarts Zero - Perona
Price - 3,675 yen

One Piece Figuarts Zero - Trafalgar Law "Seven Warlords of the Sea" Version

Hello OP Fans out there !!

Here I am with another Figuarts Zero review, this time I'm going to review one of the Seven Warlords of the Sea ... Yeah he is one of my favourite character in One Piece - Trafalgar Law. This is a relatively new figure from Bandai it was released in May 2013. Here is a picture of the box with the figure inside.

Nothing much to comment on the box design, just a simple and standard box for him. I personally prefer this version than the first version Figuarts Zero Trafalgar Law mainly because of the pose and the black coat!!  
~ Perfect ~ and Bad news if you want to collect the first version as it has a limited number of figures out there and if you really want it you're gonna have to pay a high price for it. 

Out of the box: This figure has three accessories (base, plastic piece and an alternative head without his famous hat) The pose itself is great but I would prefer him to have an alternative hand for example the "Room" hand as if he's performing the "Room : Shambles" technique, that would be great. But for the price Bandai is selling, I'm pretty satisfied with what he has currently.

Highlights: The paint job on this figure is amazing the colour is spot-on, the katana is anime accurate with a slight bend. This figure is definitely a must-buy. However one thing I dislike (maybe just my figure) is that the crosses on the katana cover is not painted properly, I guess it's just my figure. When buying Figuarts Zero you need to actually take a closer look into the figure before purchasing because some might have some paint flaws. I will show you the picture below.

Just look at the crosses behind of the cover ... aww man that is sad. 
I'm planing to paint it myself wish me luck !!
As mentioned I love Figuarts Zero figures who can stand on its own (without base) There is a big problem when it comes to space when you are collecting the figures, unless you have a big room or you're rich =) By displaying without the base you can save a lot of space .. trust me !!
Here is a closer shot at Trafalgar Law with his famous hat ...
Without the hat
 THIS IS MY FAVOURITE SHOT i'm loving it ... He looks way too cool !! I hope to get a Figuarts Zero Beepo to pose alongside him ...

This figure is priced at 2,940 yen roughly (MYR100 +/-) which is very reasonable for a Figuarts Zero figure. I personally spent MYR100 for this figure and I never regretted except that minor paint fade on the katana cover.

Overall: What more can I say, I adore Trafalgar Law and my comments will be biased HEHE :) Bandai good job keep up the good work. Make more cool figures like this and sell them at a reasonable price. Until next time ....

Rating: A+
Facial: 9/10
Paint Job: 7/10
Pose: 9/10

One Piece Figuarts Zero - Monkey D. Luffy Battle Version

Hey all…

When it first arrive.^^...
This is my first review for this blog. I’m going to write up on one of the latest Figuarts Zero One Piece figure in the market which is Monkey D. Luffy Battle Version!!! When the news broke out in April 2013 that Bandai is releasing a battle version of our most likable character Luffy performing on of Luffy's most memorable and spectacular attacks - the Gum Gum Red Hawk, I was excited about it and need to have the figure in my collections. Now it is finally in my hand. Muahahahaha...*evil laugh...

First of all, I have to give credit to Bandai. Bandai really did an amazing job with the packaging box. It is nicely done. The image of Luffy capture in the box is appealing with Luffy’s striking pose. You can see it in the picture below.


At first glance when Bandai first release the picture of the Luffy Battle Version, I wasn’t too fancy with the new base for the figure. With a pentagon shape and the huge Japanese wording intach, it wasn’t to my liking as it will take up a whole lot of shape for placing in the display cabinet. But……I realise to myself why Bandai did that and i am now loving it. When the figure is put on top of the base, it illustrate the impact of how the Luffy Battle Version should be in my opinion.

Luffy!!!*Don't mess with me expression.
The paint job is done perfectly for this figure as there is no spillage or dots usually happen for Figuarts Zero figure collections. The color are vivid and follow the anime storyline. Personally, I fancy more on the Figuarts Zero collections as oppose to the Portrait of Pirates (P.O.P) collection as the Figuarts Zero collections tend to follow the proportion and facial expression of the character in the One Piece manga/anime. I will highlight this is more detail in my other figure review.

The most appealing thing about this Luffy Battle Version figure to me is how nicely the strawhat was done and colored. That is a plus for me. Besides, Bandai really made an awesome job capturing the facial expression of Luffy performing the Gum Gum Red Hawk. It is exactly the same as the manga’s facial expression!!! Bravo to Bandai on sculpturing probably the best ever Luffy’s angry face.

 The figure is able to stand without the base for some people who are looking to save some extra space to display other figure but I would prefer to present it with the base for this figure just to illustrate the impact of Gum Gum Red Hawk.

The strawhat is nicely done. Bravo!=D...
Gum Gum Red Hawk!!!
Side view - Left
Side view - Right
The figure is currently priced at 3,200 Yen (MYR102) in Japan which I find it’s at a reasonable price. In our local market, we can find it at around MYR 110 – 150 depending on pre-order price and on the shelf market price.

Overall: I really love this Luffy Battle Version figure. It capture all the thing that I would have imagine or read in the manga. The facial expression is outstanding and the best sculpture one hands down. Highly recommended. Do grab it fast before it is sold out!=)…

Rating                    : A

Facial                     : 9/10
Paint job                : 8/10

Pose                      : 8/10

Monday, 8 July 2013

One Piece Figuarts Zero - Perhona

Negative ~ Negative ~ Negative ~

The first figure that I am going to review is the "Ghost Princess" aka Perhona (after timeskip version) I know the spelling might be different usually her name is spelled as Perona instead of Perhona, not too sure why they spell it that way .. Ah who cares lets take a look at the figure ...

The box itself looks awesome the pinkish colour is just amazing. This was purchased by a friend of mine who travelled to Korea and I asked him to get me a Figuarts Zero figure there and he got this for me ... It was love at first sight. This is an original figure .. oh how do you tell whether it is genuine or bootleg? by looking at the silver or gold Toei Animation sticker but some fakes do have those stickers beware .. just check the quality of the figure and you can tell .. based on my experience.

Here is a picture of the figure after removing from the box. She comes with four items ... 1 transparent cube 2 pegs and a base "Perhona Dead or Alive" Basically the two pegs are meant to support the two ghost behind of her which I feel is not necessary ... one thing good about this is that Bandai includes a transparent cube to support her because she is back heavy meaning she will fall backwards if she stands without the base. I prefer not to display my figures with my base as they consume awful lot of space with the cube placed behind her skirt she stands just fine ...

Here is a 360 shot of the figure itself with the base enjoy:

Here is what I can say for this figure:

- Height: approx. 16cm with the umbrella
- Stands without base
- Color anime accurate (love the pink hair)
- Price ¥3,465

It is a great collection and it looks great when displaying with Mihawk / Zoro / Gekko Moriah ...
Hope you enjoy this review .. see you next time !! chao ~~

Rating: B
Facial: 7/10
Paint Job: 8/10
Pose: 7/10