Wednesday, 4 September 2013

One Piece P.O.P - C3XHOBBY 2013

I am very pleased with to see another Nami figure from P.O.P. This limited edition beauty is the most noticeable figure there! The navigator is wearing Luffy's outfit short pants and his famous straw hat. It is one of the most interesting concept and I like it very much. Details of this figure is still unknown but I pray that they will release her ASAP!!

P.O.P. Limited - Califa is as stunning as ever ... I am a little skeptical by just looking at the preview pictures and now with the actual figure at the C3XH I have no regrets pre-ordering her. The "Fish Net" is just too seductive.

And of course this blue-haired / gourgeos Princess Vivi is in my priority list now. Megahouse is making all these well sculpted figures makes me wanna quit Figuarts Zero .. Damn .. I'm hoping to get three of them. SERIOUS!!

And now to the boys ... Luffy, Zoro, Aokiji and the Leopard man Rob Lucci.The cool guy who left the Marines has now a new and better look in my opinion. This time he comes with way more accessories e.g. beanie & sunglasses, ice sword, ice fist, wine bottle ... how nice 

P.O.P. Luffy Film Z on the other hand has no accessories by the looks of the picture below. If I'm not mistaken his left hand is holding the straw hat .. maybe there are accessories no further details on this figure yet, but he looks fantastic .. that grin.

P.O.P Zoro Film Z is definitely bad-ass cool looking. He has this more to a battle pose than a normal standing pose like Luffy. The figure will consume a lot of space I'm pretty sure, but nonetheless he is wayyyy too good to forgo.

Last but not least, everyone's favorite CP9 member, P.O.P - MAS - Rob Lucci - Leopard Version. He looks skinny but nice at the same time. As you can see from the anime he looks huge when fighting Luffy.