Thursday, 24 October 2013

One Piece P.O.P "Strong Edition" - Zoro

You can't deny it, the pirate hunter Zoro is one of the favourites amongst the Mugiwara crew and this time we're gonna review the figure P.O.P. Strong Edition - Zoro. If you have watched the Strong World movie (go watch if you have not) This is just a small part where they barge into the castle to fight Shiki with their formal wear and they look awesome. I really really wanted the P.O.P. Luffy Strong Edition but was unable to get it at a reasonable price. Let's take a look at the figure ...

One of the scene of the Strong World movie.

Nothing special about the box art, simple green colour, I guess is to match the famous green hair *Marimo*

Out of the box: The figure comes with a hell lot of accessories.. just look at them .. awesomeness. Let me count 1, 2, 3 ... 13 ... holy crap ... and that green metallic colour base *drools* When there are a lot of accessories = a lot of poses !! 

You can pose him with the "Nitoryu" as well as the "Santoryu" style

In the strong world movie most of them has a gun, but I find Zoro weird when holding a gun .. he's just not a "gun guy" Swords / Katanas suits him best .. in my opinion .. = )) He can have a wide varierty of poses .. guns + swords / swordless  .. jesus ... I admit I'm quite lazy to snap pictures of all possible poses .. just wanted to share the nicer pictures that I've taken = ))

This is the best pose I find so far and am currently displaying him just like that. What do you think?

This figure is released sometime 2009/2010 usually prices of such "old" items will be high due to rarity but surprisingly it is not .. you can get it at the market price JPY 6,300 or even lower depending how good / hard-working you are in searching figures ... 

Last but not least I present to you my favourite picture of this post .. enjoy ..

Rating: A
Facial: 10/10
Paint Job: 10/10
Pose: 10/10

Perfect score?!? you be the judge ...

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