Monday, 8 July 2013

One Piece Figuarts Zero - Perhona

Negative ~ Negative ~ Negative ~

The first figure that I am going to review is the "Ghost Princess" aka Perhona (after timeskip version) I know the spelling might be different usually her name is spelled as Perona instead of Perhona, not too sure why they spell it that way .. Ah who cares lets take a look at the figure ...

The box itself looks awesome the pinkish colour is just amazing. This was purchased by a friend of mine who travelled to Korea and I asked him to get me a Figuarts Zero figure there and he got this for me ... It was love at first sight. This is an original figure .. oh how do you tell whether it is genuine or bootleg? by looking at the silver or gold Toei Animation sticker but some fakes do have those stickers beware .. just check the quality of the figure and you can tell .. based on my experience.

Here is a picture of the figure after removing from the box. She comes with four items ... 1 transparent cube 2 pegs and a base "Perhona Dead or Alive" Basically the two pegs are meant to support the two ghost behind of her which I feel is not necessary ... one thing good about this is that Bandai includes a transparent cube to support her because she is back heavy meaning she will fall backwards if she stands without the base. I prefer not to display my figures with my base as they consume awful lot of space with the cube placed behind her skirt she stands just fine ...

Here is a 360 shot of the figure itself with the base enjoy:

Here is what I can say for this figure:

- Height: approx. 16cm with the umbrella
- Stands without base
- Color anime accurate (love the pink hair)
- Price ¥3,465

It is a great collection and it looks great when displaying with Mihawk / Zoro / Gekko Moriah ...
Hope you enjoy this review .. see you next time !! chao ~~

Rating: B
Facial: 7/10
Paint Job: 8/10
Pose: 7/10