Sunday, 14 July 2013

One Piece Figuarts Zero - Monkey D. Luffy Battle Version

Hey all…

When it first arrive.^^...
This is my first review for this blog. I’m going to write up on one of the latest Figuarts Zero One Piece figure in the market which is Monkey D. Luffy Battle Version!!! When the news broke out in April 2013 that Bandai is releasing a battle version of our most likable character Luffy performing on of Luffy's most memorable and spectacular attacks - the Gum Gum Red Hawk, I was excited about it and need to have the figure in my collections. Now it is finally in my hand. Muahahahaha...*evil laugh...

First of all, I have to give credit to Bandai. Bandai really did an amazing job with the packaging box. It is nicely done. The image of Luffy capture in the box is appealing with Luffy’s striking pose. You can see it in the picture below.


At first glance when Bandai first release the picture of the Luffy Battle Version, I wasn’t too fancy with the new base for the figure. With a pentagon shape and the huge Japanese wording intach, it wasn’t to my liking as it will take up a whole lot of shape for placing in the display cabinet. But……I realise to myself why Bandai did that and i am now loving it. When the figure is put on top of the base, it illustrate the impact of how the Luffy Battle Version should be in my opinion.

Luffy!!!*Don't mess with me expression.
The paint job is done perfectly for this figure as there is no spillage or dots usually happen for Figuarts Zero figure collections. The color are vivid and follow the anime storyline. Personally, I fancy more on the Figuarts Zero collections as oppose to the Portrait of Pirates (P.O.P) collection as the Figuarts Zero collections tend to follow the proportion and facial expression of the character in the One Piece manga/anime. I will highlight this is more detail in my other figure review.

The most appealing thing about this Luffy Battle Version figure to me is how nicely the strawhat was done and colored. That is a plus for me. Besides, Bandai really made an awesome job capturing the facial expression of Luffy performing the Gum Gum Red Hawk. It is exactly the same as the manga’s facial expression!!! Bravo to Bandai on sculpturing probably the best ever Luffy’s angry face.

 The figure is able to stand without the base for some people who are looking to save some extra space to display other figure but I would prefer to present it with the base for this figure just to illustrate the impact of Gum Gum Red Hawk.

The strawhat is nicely done. Bravo!=D...
Gum Gum Red Hawk!!!
Side view - Left
Side view - Right
The figure is currently priced at 3,200 Yen (MYR102) in Japan which I find it’s at a reasonable price. In our local market, we can find it at around MYR 110 – 150 depending on pre-order price and on the shelf market price.

Overall: I really love this Luffy Battle Version figure. It capture all the thing that I would have imagine or read in the manga. The facial expression is outstanding and the best sculpture one hands down. Highly recommended. Do grab it fast before it is sold out!=)…

Rating                    : A

Facial                     : 9/10
Paint job                : 8/10

Pose                      : 8/10