Tuesday, 30 July 2013

One Piece P.O.P Limited Edition - Kalifa

It is our pleasure to bring you news of One Piece figures and for the first time we are writing something on a P.O.P (Portrait of Pirates) figure by Megahouse. They are like the elder brother of Figuarts Zero line, they are bigger in size scale (1/8) and way way detailed compared to Figuarts Zero and not to mention more expensive. This time we're gonna look into the only female member of CP9, the sexy Kalifa.

Rob Lucci if you remembered was the first P.O.P figure produced for CP9 followed by this beautiful lady. The preview pictures of this figure is stunning, her voluptuous body sculpted to perfection. She's definitely my favourite CP9 character. Well this is a limited edition so for those who want this figure badly, please pre-order it ASAP before you regret. 

I like the pose very much. How bout you? Her clothings are very "revealing" ;)

The figure is schedulued to be realease on December 2013 but I think it will be in early January 2014, just a feeling not sure why. This limited edition sexy figure is priced at 7,350 yen (Approx. MYR 300). My heart says go for it but my wallet says no ... well better listen to my wallet or else my heart won't be beating. Megahouse Portrait of Pirates is something relatively new to us and I myself have pre-order P.O.P - Mihawk Version 2. He is expected to arrive at late November, hope I can write a review on him.