Sunday, 4 August 2013

One Piece Figuarts Zero - December 2013 Relase

*lights cigarette*" I heard the sound of ... a woman's tears falling"

Yes ... the man who will protect all women Sanji Battle version #2 will most likely be One Piece Figuarts Zero's last figure for the year 2013. It is not that great though in my opinion .. I'm not jumping up and down when I heard the news. After the rather disappointing Admiral battle versions where you can see Akainu is in a position where he's trying to poop real hard and Aokiji is having his regular stretching every morning, Bandai decided to have a second Sanji battle version, after Zoro's and Luffy's battle version. 

Sanji is great!! don't get me wrong but having another is a little "extra" to me ... I guess this figure is to in a way "compensate" the first battle version where it is a rather passive pose battle version (standing there with legs on fire) There are a lot more battle versions like chopper or Franky that they could have done instead of Sanji or the other figures that we have seen in the figure expedition like the > 100,000,000 rookies etc, not sure what their plan is ...

Anyway this figure is scheduled to be released on December and will be priced at 3,675 yen. What do you think of this release? Are you getting one for yourself? I will post the pictures when they are released in the meantime, i'll just show you the previous Figuarts Zero - Sanji Battle Version #1.

A rather passive pose for a battle version. Who needs Mera-Mera no Mi?

Well the new battle version will be in the sailing again uniform? I guess?