Sunday, 4 August 2013

One Piece Figuarts Zero - Boa Hancock

Seriously, who do not love Boa Hancock? You can stop reading right now! Or slap yourself in the face ten thousand times. Boa Hancock is the first female figure in the One Piece Figuarts Zero line. The Amazon Lily princess is one of the most beautiful animated women I've ever seen, perfect face, perfect body and loves Luffy. I really hope she ends up with Luffy, I reall do.This Figuarts Zero Boa Hancock is a must have!

I like the box design of the older Figuarts Zero with the gold lining window and a keyhole on top .. feels like you need to pick that lock to get to the good stuff inside ... its just me. The background of the box suits Boa with the pinkish/girlish colour. She has only one accessory an extra head ... the head looks creepy with just the head alone. Okay the moment you all have been waiting for .. all words and no pictures just sucks right?

Here is the front and back view of the box, the bottom left of the box is damaged .. 

The Kuja Pirates emblem the her base Boa Hancock - Dead or Alive standard Figuarts Zero base. Sadly she does not stand without her base. Her coat is heavy .. poor baby ... Let's take a 360 view on this magnificent figure. She can be displayed with or without her cape, however it does not seem right without her cape, so I prefer to display with it. Please look at them curves ... eye boggling O.o

As mentioned above she comes with an alternate head one is the serious face and the other one is the shy face when she meets Luffy ... aww soo cute look at the shy expression and Bandai actually went ahead and paint her cheeks pink in colour .. you might not see it in the picture below because I am using this basic camera. The serious face is just mehhh okay .. I prefer the cutie face 

!!!BONUS!!! Oh and one more thing I found this by accident .. while I was un-boxing the figure in the first place, the skirt fell off because the body joints were loose hence her skirt fell off ~~ YOWZZA ~~. Bandai did an awesome job of painting the unseen parts. This is some next level shit from Bandai on Figuarts Zero line, usually they will not go into the details beneath etc. Sadly only the bottom skirt is removable the top is completely sealed/fixed. Enjoy guys ...

I wished that Bandai could have include more accessories .. thats what we want !! maybe another alternate hand. One thing I do not like and only one thing is the sleeves, they are badly painted as seen in the picture above, if that part is nicely done .. then I will give a 10 out of 10 .. no doubt !! But for the price of 2,625 yen there is nothing much to complain about ... Well that's about it, hope you like my review on this figure and the other figures that we have covered .. Tell us what do you think at the comments section below, how can we improve your viewing pleasure .. or you can suggest what figure we should review next and more importantly like us on Facebook !!

Rating: A+
Facial: 9/10
Paint Job: 8/10
Pose: 8/10